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Gables Residential Job Site Parking

Effective Monday November 14th, Pike & Rose has entered into an agreement with adjacent Gables Residential to offer job site worker parking at reduced rates. The Gables parking lot is located on the corner of Old Georgetown Road and Executive Drive, shown in the image below. This lot provides parking for vehicles of all heights, accommodating vehicles that exceed the height restrictions in the garages. Monthly Parking will be offered at $30.00 per vehicle. The remaining days in November will be included at no charge for workers who sign up for accounts starting December 1st.

Please complete your application online by clicking here. On the application, select the Contractors Off-site Gable rate. If you require assistance completing the online application or have questions, the team in the Colonial Parking® Office (located behind ShopHouse just off Old Georgetown road) will be available to assist you. Monthly accounts will be automatically debited between the 1st and 5th day of each month. Parking identification tags will be provided to display on the front of your vehicle to prevent ticketing and towing.

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