Colonial® Congratulates Mesfin Maderia as Employee of the Year

Each year Colonial Parking® selects one employee who has excelled in his or her duties and recognizes this individual for making outstanding contributions to the company. For 2012, Colonial is honored to have chosen Crew Chief Mesfin Maderia as Employee of the Year.

“Pressure-washing is a new experience in Colonial Parking – by nature it is a tough job” said Logistics Manager Wondimu Tilahun. “Mesfin successfully handles the crew assigned to him and has exhibited outstanding performance. He is professional, courteous and keenly interested in his job. He takes any assignment without hesitation. I am not mistaken if I say he is the backbone of Colonial’s Logistics Department and an asset to the overall company.”

Mesfin was hired in 2005 and has one of the least predictable jobs within the company; his schedule can change at a moment’s notice on any given day, at any given time. Shifts can run as long as 16 hours and must be done in all kinds of weather. Mesfin has garnered himself many compliments and the trust of Property Managers who have experienced his service. Even in the most difficult facilities to work in, Mesfin and his team have managed to elicit all compliments – no complaints – on his work.

“Mesfin makes all the ‘extra mile’ contributions in addition to his regular job and responsibilities,” explained Tilahun. “Above all, his is a dependable, honest role model to others and it’s time to say thank you for all he’s done.”