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Author image Allison Howard

Posted by Allison Howard
December 21, 2020

During November 2020, Colonial Parking has increased its portfolio by seven locations.

Vice President of Business Development, Elizabeth Pye, explains the growth, “I believe there are quite a few things that set us apart and drive Property and Asset Managers to choose Colonial. We are results-driven and take an invested interest in each of our properties – evaluating what we can do to improve performance financially for our clients and from a service standpoint for our customers. Our breadth of services offerings simplifies things for our clients, knowing that no matter the situation, we have the capabilities in-house and our team of problem solvers will deliver. But most importantly, it’s our people. All of us are here locally and take pride in the work we do. We are always just minutes away from any property we serve, and our clients have access to everyone, from our senior leadership to our chairman 24/7.”

In November, we have added over 1,100 spaces in seven locations, including residential, mixed-use and office space:

  • The Parks at Walter Reed, building 14 | 1322 Maine Dr. NW: The Parks at Walter Reed is a new development and will be home to an exciting mixed-use campus environment. Expected development includes apartments, condos, a community center, arts park, public plaza, dog park, a Wegman’s grocery store and more. This garage is currently a private garage serving a residential, senior living community, but in the future will add a wider customer base.
  • The Mile | 7921 Jones Branch Dr: This open, surface lot is a private, monthly-only location that serves the tenants of the building at 7921 Jones Branch Drive. Colonial Parking was specifically brought on to institute enforcement policies, as residents of nearby buildings were using the lot, leaving little to no space for tenants. We implemented new solutions and have seen a drastic decrease in parking abuse.
  • Riverpoint | 2100 2nd St SW: This 361-space parking garage is situated at the bottom of Buzzard Point, right along the Anacostia River. The up and coming area has residential and retail spaces, as well as numerous construction projects, resulting in the garage serving a mixed-use environment. Only a couple blocks South of Audi field, we will be serving soccer fans in the future and seeing how the area changes through development. We will continue to evaluate and evolve our operations to meet any new demands.
  • AVEC | 901 H St NE: This 128-space location caters predominantly to the AVEC apartments, but also serves retail establishments along H Street, including neighborhood businesses. With an Amazon Go Grocery coming to the building, only the third in the country, the garage is expected to have an increase in short term, high turn-over parking.
  • 25 M St SW: This 102-space surface lot is located at the Navy Yard. It is currently serving mostly the construction trade today but is an attractive parking option for both nearby offices and baseball!
  • 1750 K St NW: Located on the world-renowned K Street in the heart of downtown, this location serves its tenants and guests, as well as nearby buildings. The location is staffed during all open hours to help and assist customers.
  • Montgomery Building | 1776 K St NW: Situated at the base of an office building on K Street, this 176-space location caters to predominately office workers, as well as patrons of nearby small businesses. Open Monday through Friday, there is always an eager employee present to help customers.

If you have a parking asset you feel could use some additional attention, please feel free to contact us.



About Colonial Parking: Colonial Parking manages 280 plus parking locations in the Washington, DC area. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service to both our customers and clients, as well as hiring trusted and driven employees that exude our integrity and accountability. We would be happy to review your project, be it large or small.

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