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1600 Wilson Blvd

1600 Wilson Blvd – Arlington VA – 22209

Garage Entrance at 1750 N Pierce St, Arlington, VA

  • MONDAY – FRIDAY 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM
  • The garage Overhead door stays closed on weekends but will open when you pull a ticket. The lobby will be open from 7 AM to 8 PM to gain access to ingress or egress the garage.


Overnight Parking is available for this location.

  • Upon entry and exit, scan your QR Code at the orange QR Reader with the red flashing lights.
  • Hold the QR code about 2 inches away from the reader and the gate will open.
  • Please park in any space that is not marked with a “Reserved” sign.
  • Please note, only one entry and exit allowed per reservation, unless specifically stated.

Parking at Arlington offers convenience and easy access to the Arlington Area, and a number of restaurants and retail establishments. To reserve your daily parking spot in advance, click here!




Check out our FAQ for more information.
*Note: Adjust the date and time of your reservation by clicking the date/time and using the dropdown menu that appears.
*Check your location and click on the dropped pins in the map and click the Reserve Daily button to check out.