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Lidl Parking

Applicants applying for parking at 3500 S. Clark St. (Colonial® location #775), please click here. Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you already have a transponder, please note the number in the comments section of the application.

Once the garage has reached its permit occupancy limit,  subsequent applicants will be directed to a nearby facility at 2777 S. Crystal Dr. If you are applying for parking at 2777 S. Crystal Dr. (Colonial location #643), please click here.

Please note: this location is a secure government facility and vehicles are subject to inspection upon entry. Photo IDs are required. 

As an alternative, you may apply for parking at Century Center, (Colonial location #605), located at 2361 S. Clark St., please click here.

For more details on pricing, transponders and AutoPay®, please click here.