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US Chamber of Commerce FAQs

Does the US Chamber of Commerce receive a special monthly parking rate?
Yes. The US Chamber of Commerce employees  receive a discounted rate of $265 per month. If 11 or more employees sign up, the rate will drop to to $250 per month.

What is the location of the parking garage that can be used to get the discounted rate?
The parking garage is located at Lot 76: 1666 K Street NW. The entrance is located on 17th Street NW between the Subway restaurant and The Army and Navy Club.

Can I use the discounted rate at the parking garage located in the alley behind the Chamber headquarters?
No. Due to constraints the discounted rate is only available at Lot 73: 1666 K Street NW.

How do I obtain a monthly parking pass?
Click here to fill out a monthly application. Under rate on the application, select US-COC and include your employee ID number in the comment box to receive your discounted rate. Once employee ID is verified, we will process your application within 3 business days. Please refer to at the bottom of the monthly application for more details regarding monthly account terms & conditions, or click here.

Are pre-tax payroll benefits eligible to be used?
Yes. Your pre-tax payroll benefits can be used for your monthly parking account. Please see your employer’s benefits coordinator for details.

What if I need to be in the garage after it closes?
Your monthly account grants you 24 hour access to the garage.

I lost my monthly parking permit or access card. What should I do?
If your permit or access card is lost or stolen, please contact our Customer Care Department to void your previous parking permit or access card and issue you a new permit or access card. A nominal fee of $9.99 will be charged for a replacement card. Our Customer Care Department can be reached at (202) 295-8080 or via email at [email protected]. To expedite the process, please have your account number ready.

Am I permitted to lend out my monthly parking permit?
Unfortunately, lending or selling your permit is prohibited. Each permit is marked with your specific parking information, allowing us to serve you most effectively.

Can a monthly parking permit be used at multiple locations?
Monthly parking permits are specific to each garage and cannot be used at other garages. If you find yourself running around to multiple Colonial garages, you could apply for our Preferred Parker® Program. Our Preferred Parker card allows for a quick and easy way to pay for your parking.

Do I have an online account?
Yes. You can access your online account here. To login, use the email address associated with your account as your username and your seven digit account number (no dashes or spaces) as your password. Once logged in, we recommend that you change your password.

What can I do online?
From your online account, you can update credit card information, view your account history, pay your bill, edit account information and if necessary, close your account.

I would like to cancel my monthly parking permit. What should I do?
We’re sorry to see you go! However, if you must, 30 day notice is required to close your account. Please return your unused monthly permit and/or access card to 1050 Thomas Jefferson St NW, Suite 100 Washington DC 20007. You may  close your account online through your online account. Once your account is cancelled, your permit will no longer be granted access into the garage.

If I have guests coming into the building, can I reserve parking for them?
Yes. Click here to reserve a prepaid parking space.