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Winter Lantern Festival

Reserve Your Space:

Make parking a breeze by reserving your guaranteed parking space for Winter Lantern Festival.

  • The garage entrance is located at Galleria at Tysons II
  • LOT 518 – 1750 Tysons Blvd,  McLean, VA
  • LOT 636 – 1800 Tysons Blvd,  McLean, VA
  • ADA compliant parking & Drop-Off is located at the event entrance

Please select your event date and time from below. The link will lead you to book the date and time you have selected.

Parking Details:

Below you can see a map of where parking is located including garage details.




How much is it to park?

Guaranteed parking space at a discounted rate of $15 by booking in advance.

Can I park anywhere in the garage?

You may park anywhere that is not marked “Reserved.” Even if you have purchased an online reservation, the spaces marked reserved are for our monthly parkers only.

Where should I park if I use a wheelchair?

All of our garages are ADA compliant and have handicap spaces available near each garage entrance and near the elevators.

How do I get to the garage?

Parking is being offered at the garage at 1750 and 1800 Tysons Boulevard, as can be seen in the above map.  Simply use the address provided to get to the garage.

What are the garage hours?

The garages are all open 24/7, however, we ask that you arrive no earlier than one hour prior to the event start and leave promptly after the event ends, in order to make room for the next events’ parkers.

What if I am a VIP?

VIPs do not need to reserve parking in advance. VIP parking is provided at Lot 636: 1800 Tysons Blvd.