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Are oversized vehicles, such as SUVs, accepted at all of your parking facilities?
Unfortunately, not all of our garages can accommodate oversized and/or extended cars. If you think your car may be oversized, please call our Operations Department at (202) 295-8200 to receive clearance information.

What is an “Early Bird Rate” and how do I determine if a certain garage offers it?
An “Early Bird Rate” is a discounted rate that is offered to parkers who enter the garage before a specified time and typically receive a discount on the All Day parking rate. An early bird rate is usually advertised with a sign placed directly outside the garage.

Do you accept personal checks or credit cards at your parking facilities?
All major credit cards are accepted at many locations. Unfortunately, we do not accept personal checks as a form of payment. Please be mindful that some of our garages accept cash only and others accept credit cards only; however, many garages accept cash and credit cards.

What is a Preferred Parker® card and how do I obtain one?
A Preferred Parker card acts like a parking credit card; no need to fumble around with cash or sift through credit cards. Just swipe your card and go. Most of our locations accept Preferred Parker cards. Fill out our easy-to-apply Preferred Parker form under the Parkers tab in the Documents section and submit your completed form to Monthly Accounts via fax at 202-295-8111 or email ppvalidate@ecolonial.com.

Monthly Parking

How do I obtain a monthly parking pass?
A monthly pass can be obtained by submitting an online application in the Account Management section. Once we receive your application and if we have an available space, we will contact you through email or phone within 1 business day to provide you with payment options and arrange for delivery of your parking permit. In addition, you can stop at the garage booth to pick up a paper application.

I lost my monthly parking permit or access card. What should I do?
If your permit or access card is lost or stolen, please contact our Customer Care Department to void your previous parking permit or access card and issue you a new permit or access card. Our Customer Care Department can be reached at (202) 295-8080 or via email at monthly@ecolonial.com. To expedite the process, please have your account number ready.

Am I permitted to lend out my monthly parking permit?
Unfortunately, lending or selling your permit is prohibited. Each permit is marked with your specific parking information, allowing us to serve you most effectively. Please be mindful that you are responsible for your monthly permit. If you wish to report a lost or stolen permit or wish to cancel your monthly account, please contact Customer Care at (202) 295-8080.

I would like to cancel my monthly parking permit. What should I do?
We’re sorry to see you go! However, if you must, please return your unused monthly permit and/or access card or contact our Customer Care Department at (202) 295-8080 to cancel your account. Once your account is cancelled, your permit will no longer be granted access into the garage.

Can a monthly parking permit be used at multiple locations?
Unfortunately, our monthly parking permits are specific to each garage and cannot be used at other garages. If you find yourself running around to multiple Colonial® garages, we suggest that you apply for our Preferred Parker card. Our Preferred Parker card allows for a quick and easy way to pay for your parking.

Do you offer AutoPay® so that my parking invoice is paid automatically every month?
Enjoy the hassle-free method of paying for your monthly parking via our AutoPay system. Provide us with your credit card or banking information and we’ll do the rest; your credit card or bank account will be billed every month – there is no dealing with mailing in checks, late fees or remembering when payment is due. Call our Customer Care Department at (202) 295-8080 or look for our enrollment forms online.

Online Payment Account

Is your online payment system secure?
Colonial Parking® has taken all the necessary steps to be compliant with local and federal laws governing online payments. Here at Colonial, we take your personal information and security very seriously.

I have moved, need to update my credit card information, or have other account information that has changed. How can I change this information?
If you’d like to change your basic information, check the box next to “Mailing Address Changes and Corrections” on the front of your invoice, fill out the reverse side of the invoice and mail it in. We’ll make sure your information is updated.

Will I still receive a paper invoice in the mail if I have an online payment account?
If your garage requires hangtags you will receive a paper invoice, as the hangtag is attached to the invoice. If your garage does not use paper hangtags, you will not receive a paper invoice. However, if you’d like a paper invoice for your records, we will send you a copy.

I’d like to pay my bill online. How do I sign up for AutoPay so that my parking invoice is paid automatically every month?
Hassle free is the only way to go. One of our Monthly Accounts Department’s Customer Service Representatives will gladly process your request. Please contact Customer Care at (202) 295-8080; just have your credit card handy and it’s that easy. Or you can fill out our easy-to-use forms under the monthly permit section.

I’d like to cancel AutoPay. What should I do?
Not a problem. Please call our Customer Care Department at (202) 295-8080. One of our Customer Care Representatives will take care of you.

I need assistance with my online account. What should I do?
We’re here to help. If you are a monthly account holder with an online profile or would like help to create an online account, please call our Customer Care Department at (202) 295-8080. If you are a Colonial Club member or a Client affiliate, please call our front desk at (202) 295-8100 and ask for our Information Systems Department.


I am interested in obtaining a job with Colonial Parking. What should I do?
Colonial Parking offers a wide variety of rewarding positions throughout the Washington, DC metro area. Please contact our Recruitment Specialist at (202) 295-8186 to inquire about any current openings. We hope you become a member of the Colonial Parking family.

What are your procedures for employment verification?
We take pride that all our employees have passed all required federal, local and internal employment laws and policies. Upon hiring, all newly hired employees must complete a drug and alcohol test, a background screening at local and federal levels, and show proof of U.S. citizenship or ability to work legally in the U.S.