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Parking Services

Your schedule is as unique as you are. That’s why Colonial® provides such a broad range of parking choices, so you can find parking that fits you. Whether you’re touching down for a quick errand, parking every day at work, paying cash, or looking for cash-free parking—no matter which way you park, you’ll always enjoy the convenience and friendly smile that says Colonial.

Hourly & Daily

Whether you’re dining out in Old Town Alexandria, shopping in Friendship Heights or visiting clients in downtown DC, Colonial offers convenient locations and attractive hourly and daily rates no matter your destination. With over 275 locations throughout the Washington area, you can rely on us for fast, reliable service for your short-term parking needs.

Preferred Parking® Program

Under the Preferred Parking program, you get fast and easy, no-hassle parking. You can find a parking spot without worrying about full parking facilities, and you don’t need cash or credit cards. Colonial will send you a bill for your parking charges each month!

If you are on the move and need parking fast, consider becoming a Preferred Parker®. You get all the benefits of the Preferred Parking program! Click on the form link below to sign up. It’s that easy.

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Take the hassle out of your daily commute with a Monthly Account at your favorite Colonial location. By purchasing a Monthly Permit at one of our participating garages, you can enjoy cash-free parking and the peace of mind that comes with a reliable, convenient parking facility. Our Monthly Account holders can depend on a guaranteed place to park each day as they are greeted by our friendly parking attendants and location managers.

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There’s no better way to show clients and customers your appreciation than providing free parking during their visit. With Colonial’s Validation Program, you can pre-pay for parking as needed, then provide your visitors a validated ticket for free or discounted parking. Just call to open your Validation account for our easy-to-use validation stamps.

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