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Suburban Hospital is the only member of Johns Hopkins Medicine to utilize a third-party parking operator – Colonial Parking®. Historically, visitors and staff competed for parking and the hospital routinely raised access gates at night, resulting in lost revenue. As the hospital planned for the construction of an expansion and new clinical building, as well as a replacement garage to accommodate increased parking demand, it required an improved parking strategy to recapture revenue and provide enough space for employees and visitors.


Colonial worked with the hospital to implement an interim parking strategy during construction, which included three temporary, automated, and access-controlled surface lots, and clear signage to mediate pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow. The new, automated, 1,120-space garage designates separate parking areas for visitors and employees, eliminating challenges associated with space availability. An improved Parking Access and Revenue Control System means the gates are always lowered and machines accept payment 24/7, ensuring the hospital receives 100% of the revenue it earns.


As a result of automation, the hospital has experienced a steady increase in transient parking revenue, even during construction. Revenue for the new garage continues to exceed projections, and all hospital visitors and employees now enjoy ample parking and a more pleasant experience.

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