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Daniel Ghebrehiwet

Vice President, Business Intelligence

As the Vice President of Business Intelligence at Colonial Parking, Daniel wears a dual hat, navigating the realms of business intelligence while also overseeing the Customer Care and Remote Management Center departments. In this multifaceted role, Daniel plays an important role in supporting strategic data-driven decisions, utilizing a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s objectives to develop and implement cutting-edge business intelligence solutions. He oversees the Customer Care department and the Remote Management Center, where he leverages his technological prowess to foster growth, empower associates, and ensure a seamless alignment of customer-centric objectives with the broader organizational vision. This unique synthesis of business intelligence and customer care expertise plays a significant role in Colonial’s success – with a focus on innovation, efficiency, and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Daniel became a part of Colonial Parking in 2016 and steadily climbed the ranks within the Customer Care department, showcasing his contributions during pivotal periods of technological advancements and company expansion. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and a rich technical background, Daniel integrates hands-on expertise with strategic insight, providing a distinctive and valuable perspective in his role.

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