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Author image Allison Howard

Posted by Allison Howard
March 30, 2021

At Colonial Parking, we are known for how we take care of every individual customer and client that comes into our facility and the vast breadth of services we can offer to them. One of the ways we excel is through our Corporate Service offerings and our ability to customize what we offer to meet almost any situation:

Innovative Parking Products: Colonial makes monthly parking fit any need with specialized products:
• Self-Park Permits: Grants customers a guaranteed, Self-Park space in the garage, meaning their keys will always stay with them, even at our valet locations.
• Buddy Permit: Allows customers to share a permit with a colleague, so they are not paying for more than they need.
• 10-Day Pay Permit: This 10-day pass lets customers park any 10 days within the month, giving them the flexibility to park when and how they need to.

Custom Weblinks: Personalized for any individual business, Colonial Parking can create free, custom parking weblinks that can be branded with company logos and colors. Plus, we can add procedures and FAQ documents to provide teams and guests a specialized place to find all their parking information in one place.

Preferred Parker Corporate: We can enroll corporate staff and associates in discount parking reservation programs that can be used for business or pleasure.
With our Preferred Parker reservation program, Colonial Parking can offer specialized discounts for employees, on top of our already guaranteed lowest rates.

Monthly Group Accounts: Whether a company has five employees or 500, Colonial Parking can accommodate. With over 280 locations, we always have space and can create a customized package to meet any unique scenario.

Fleet Parking: From a single car to an entire fleet, we offer covered storage for all types of situations and can store vehicles for dealerships, car-sharing companies, and businesses in safe, well-lit, and convenient locations without long, cumbersome contracts.

Pre-Tax Programs: Colonial can help setup valuable pre-tax parking programs that will save companies and employees money.

Validations: Companies often like to show guests they are appreciated by offering parking validations for their stay. Validations are pre-paid vouchers for daily parking that can be purchased ahead of time for weddings, fundraisers, large functions, or any event you can think of.

Car-Sharing: Whether it is a tenant looking for available car-sharing options for employees, or a car-sharing company looking for space to place vehicles, Colonial Parking can help. We have relationships with multiple car-sharing vendors and can assist to get car sharing where it’s needed.

Event Parking: Colonial Parking offers customized parking solutions for events of all sizes, including validations, free customized parking weblinks, the unique ability to extend hours, and more.

Contact us today to find out how we can meet both you and your tenants’ unique parking needs.

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