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Author image Allison Howard

Posted by Allison Howard
September 16, 2019

Sometimes, our garages need renovations to ensure they are kept safe and are functioning at their best. We understand that for our customers, this can be a pain. That is why we wanted to have a special, End of Construction Party in the Garage at our 102 N. Union location in Alexandria.

The location was under construction for approximately 4-6 months, mainly to reinforce the concrete floor throughout the garage. Additionally, the renovations included some repainting and replacement of light fixtures. All the work was necessary and ultimately led to a brighter and safer garage, but it did mean space in the garage was tight for a bit.

Once the construction was over, we decided to thank our customers for their continued patience during the work by throwing a garage party. We offered donuts and beverages to all our customers and gave each of our monthly parkers a gift card to Swing’s Coffee Roaster, a locally based coffee shop. Our management team had a great time talking to everyone and giving out the gift cards.



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