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Author image Allison Howard

Posted by Allison Howard
September 27, 2018


Updating or transforming a manual garage into an automated one can be a daunting task, but with Colonial Parking the headaches surrounding automation go away.

 Getting Started

When Colonial takes on an automation project, we start by walking the garage and making sure automation is a viable option based on measurements and specifications. We also figure out what combination of equipment is right for the facility. Automation is not one size fits all and we want to guarantee we meet our client’s needs, while also ensuring they are not paying for unnecessary equipment. 

Providing Only the Best Options

Once we understand the project, we create the specifications and begin to get pricing and details from suitable and capable vendors.  Scott Kelly, Manager of Technical Business Development at Colonial, explains “When we put together a proposal, our clients are getting the cumulative experience of 60 years in the business. What we offer is turnkey pricing for the whole project, often including signage and in-house remote management options. We never mark up the prices and we’re negotiating in the best interest of our client – that they are getting the best pricing on the best technology and that it is well supported.” 

Getting it in and Keeping it Going

After approval is granted on a project, we get to work coordinating and managing the installation. Because of our experience and relationships with the service providers, we can ensure the process is smooth, efficient and any hiccups are resolved quickly. Once installation is complete, we have a highly trained technical team that can service the equipment seven days a week if anything does arise outside the warranty, and they are often cheaper and quicker.

Automating with Colonial Parking means you’re getting expert service and knowledge from start to finish…and more. Our goal is to always provide the best solutions and cost saving efforts to our clients, and we think we’ve been doing a pretty good job. If you have an upcoming automation project, even if you aren’t currently working with us, give us a call – we’d love to help.


–Allison Howard
Senior Marketing Manager


About Colonial Parking: Colonial Parking manages 280 plus parking locations in the Washington, DC area. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service to both our customers and clients, as well as hiring trusted and driven employees that exude our integrity and accountability. We would be happy to review your project, be it large or small.

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