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Pike & Rose

This urban lifestyle development in North Bethesda, MD hosts a few big box retail outlets, a mix of open-air boutiques, various restaurants, a gym, apartment units, and a movie theater, with several parking facilities on the development used for various purposes. Colonial® worked with Federal Realty Trust to help plan and develop a parking solution to improve revenue generation, reduce operating expenses, and increase customer satisfaction, all within a constrained capital budget.

Pike & Rose is a multi-phased development. Throughout each step in the development process, Colonial has designed, purchased, and installed state of the art Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems for great revenue and access control. In addition to these systems, Colonial has also designed, purchased, and installed a Parking Space Guidance system to help customers get in and out of the facility with ease. As Colonial assumed operations as various phases of the development were complete, they helped integrate each phase which has resulted in a parking experience that is seamless throughout the development.

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