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The Colonial Edge

Noticeably Better People — A day rarely passes that Colonial® does not receive a note from a customer recounting the extraordinary service offered by one of our valued employees.  Whether it’s the return of a lost wallet or help with a flat tire, Colonial’s employees are often complimented for their incredible acts of customer care and service.

Knowledgeable and Accessible Support — Colonial’s unique local focus on the Washington, DC market has allowed us to develop and maintain operational and support managers who have a deep knowledge of the city and its surrounding areas.  What’s more, with our extraordinarily low turnover, Colonial’s managers have the opportunity to build lasting relationships with our clients, thereby delivering consistent and tested operating strategies and improvement.

A Record of Absolute Integrity — In nearly six decades of operations, Colonial has established a reputation for setting a high bar in terms of its performance and contractual obligations and then delivering what it has promised. Said simply, our clients can depend on Colonial to protect their interests and reputation. In a complex business with thousands of cash transactions and complicated client reporting obligations, this is no small accomplishment.  Yes, in part, it’s about great systems and technology, but it’s really about the commitment to honesty and integrity that our Founders have always insisted upon, which is the touchstone of Colonial’s culture.

Top Level Commitment to Revenue Integrity — Unlike with many parking operating companies, this important function reports directly to the President of Colonial and is led by a senior officer.  This high-level and comprehensive approach to revenue management brings together all aspects required to build and maintain revenue accountability:  Design, installation and maintenance of access and revenue control systems, facility auditing, internal auditing and automation auditing and reporting.