Corporate History
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Corporate History

Beer Money.  That is how it all started when two graduates of The George Washington University—Tad Lindner and Serge Gambal—teamed up to take over their fraternity’s parking lot business and transform it from a source of beer money into what today is one of the nation’s largest and most successful parking services providers.

From those modest beginnings, Colonial® quickly grew in both size and reputation as land owners and developers discovered that, with Colonial and its Founders, vacant properties could produce income and, later, garages serving new buildings could be designed in such a way to both boost income and enhance the customer experience. As Colonial and Washington grew, its clients also came to depend on Colonial to deliver not only great service to their tenants, but also an honest count of their money.

Parking customers came to depend on Colonial for conveniently located facilities where they needed to be and services—such as the Monthly Parking Permit and Preferred Parker® Card—that made their parking experience easy and hassle-free.

Today, the Lindner family continues to own and manage Colonial and its over 275 locations, serving every part of the Metropolitan area.  The company continues to improve the customer experience through the adoption of new technologies like Pay on Foot Cashiering and services like online Monthly Account Management for its customers.