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Author image Allison Howard

Posted by Allison Howard
June 5, 2020

Colonial Parking Stands for Racial Justice

At Colonial Parking we are very proud that our company is comprised of a diverse group of employees from different racial backgrounds, abilities, sexual orientations, gender identities and religions. We recognize that the current climate in America and our own city is in turmoil as a result of the death of George Floyd and, more broadly, systemic racism. This event has caused us to pause and reiterate our commitment to all people regardless of race.

Colonial has a longstanding commitment to treating all employees fairly and does not tolerate any type of discriminatory or harassing behavior.

We want to make it very clear that we stand for racial justice. We understand that anxiety is high, most markedly among people of color. We support peaceful protesters, including our employees who participate in these protests to drive change and improve equity for all.



About Colonial Parking: Colonial Parking manages 280 plus parking locations in the Washington, DC area. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service to both our customers and clients, as well as hiring trusted and driven employees that exude our integrity and accountability. We would be happy to review your project, be it large or small.

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