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Author image Allison Howard

Posted by Allison Howard
April 22, 2021


La Juana started with Colonial Parking in September 2009 as a Project Manager for Children’s Hospital. Shortly after, she was promoted to Senior Operations Manager overseeing the Institutional Portfolio which included Holy Cross, Suburban Hospital, Children’s Hospital, and more. After spending a few years with this portfolio, she was promoted to overseeing the Union Station Parking Garage (USPGLLC), Washington DC Intermodal Transportation Facility. She is still there and loving every unpredictable day!

Tell me a little bit about yourself?

I grew up on the West Coast and graduated from Fresno State University. I moved to the East Coast in 2007 and never looked back. As a former West Coast girl, I love the country, fishing, and camping – anything outdoors! I have 2 little ones and love spending time with family and friends, entertaining, and cooking.  I am actually a really good cook. I also love all genres of music, however, the 80s–90s are my go-to, with Hall & Oats in my top three.

What are some of your regular duties as a Senior Operations Manager?

At any location, Colonial Parking is relied on to provide complete oversight of the facility, including structural repairs, upgrades, full maintenance, financial improvements, contract negotiations and implementation, and maintaining relationships with the stakeholders. At USPGLLC, however, we oversee everything regarding transportation, except for the actual railroads and Metro, so all vehicles, buses, and taxis. Therefore, one aspect that is more specific to Union Station is project management.

Union Station is also often under some sort of construction, which requires me to be involved. I have learned so much about concrete pouring, electrical loads, blueprints, and working with external governmental agencies, like the District Department of Transportation, the Department of For Hire Vehicles, the Federal Railroad Administration, the US Department of Transportation, and more.  I also work closely with the bus operators (Greyhound, Best Bus, Megabus, Washington Deluxe, Martz, Bolt Bus) and handle all the logistics around operating a bus deck.

I also participate with several transportation groups, including the American Bus Association (ABA), Maryland Motorcoach Association (MMA), and Destinations DC. We meet annually to discuss and promote charter and tour services.

In addition, I meet with external agencies monthly to review the safety and security of all of Union Station. With such proximity to the Capitol, we also meet monthly with all policing agencies of Capitol Hill and the NOMA District.

What do you like about working in parking?

Parking is not repetitive – there is always something new to think about or consider. Parking is a forever evolving industry, and it is important to always stay ahead of the competition.

Why do you like working at Colonial Parking?

Having worked for a competitor before I joined Colonial Parking, I immediately noticed the family atmosphere. Even ownership is seen frequenting the building on a regular basis and everyone from the top down is very approachable. At Colonial, there really is a bond between everyone who works here. Colonial promotes growth in all employees, including educational opportunities, leadership development, character building, and reaffirming organizational responsibilities with guidance and professionalism.

What do you think makes you good at your job?

I believe my skills in project management, multi-tasking, my ability to listen, and that I am a problem solver make me good at my job.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My team! Without them, we could not be successful, and this facility requires full team support.

What are your goals at Colonial?

RETIREMENT! I also think I would be good at the Business Development side of things. I like people and I think people like me, but I am also very happy with the challenges Colonial has given me with Union Station and I am excited about the continued future between this unique location and Colonial Parking.


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