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Author image Allison Howard

Posted by Allison Howard
March 4, 2019

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that parking is a male dominated field. To chip away at that reality and promote greater gender diversity within our own organization, Colonial Parking has launched a variety of initiatives to bring more women into our industry and promote and empower women that currently work with us.

The first step we took was starting what we call the IDEA forum.  This diverse committee represents all functional areas of Colonial and meets regularly to discuss how to better promote diversity and gender balance within the organization.

From that forum, came the idea for our Employee Engagement Roundtable, which brings together several women from within Colonial once a month to develop skills, empower each other and share career advice. One member of the group, RH, said “Since the sessions began, I feel more confident doing my job. I really enjoy being around other women and hearing the feedback they provide. It’s great to see that the company cares about the development of their female employees.”

Most recently, we hosted our first (of many to come) Women’s Luncheon, which was opened to all the female associates at Colonial Parking and championed by a member of the IDEA Forum. The luncheon’s goal was to provide a networking space for women to meet each other, share ideas and get some tips on how to advance within the company. We had over 30 participants this first round and expect more in the future.

We believe this is the beginning of something great that will significantly benefit our company in the long run and we’re so very excited to see what comes next.


–Allison Howard
Senior Marketing Manager


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