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When Parking Turns Into an Art: What To Do When You Run Out of Space?

  Full garages are both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, lots of people are parking in a given facility, while on the other, this means potentially turning away customers and having to carefully balance your transient and monthly customers to ensure you maintain your commitments to service. So how do you […]

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Turning Experience, Instinct and Data into Dollars

How Yield Management is Informing and Transforming the Parking Industry   Experience Pricing in the parking industry has historically been an art not a science.  The combination of nearby rates, experience based predictions and gut instinct came together to set pricing. Put simply, a seasoned facility manager looks at neighbors’ rates and makes an assessment […]

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Engineering the Parking Equation

Colonial Parking® was recently published in the nationally recognized publication, Parking Today’s, Women in Parking issue. You can read the article on the use of parking reservations and predictive analytics below, or check it out at Parking Today by clicking here. ___________________________________________________ Engineering Article.ParkingToday Howard, Allison, and Erica Ireland. “Engineering the Parking Equation.” Parking Today July […]

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