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Author image Allison Howard

Posted by Allison Howard
October 25, 2019


Marcia Warmington started with Colonial Parking in August of 2008 as Human Resources Manager. Since joining the team she has used her HR role to successfully help thousands of Colonial Parking associates. In 2018, she voluntarily took on the responsibility of chairperson for the IDEA Forum, to promote gender diversity and inclusivity within the organization. Before coming to Colonial, Marcia served as the HR manager at Nordstrom at Nordstrom’s regional HQ in Northern VA.


Tell me a little bit about yourself:

I am originally from the UK, but the US is my home now. I say that jokingly since I have been in the US for nearly 30 years. In my spare time, if I am not taking care of my new granddaughter, I am doing Pilates. I take both Pilates and yoga classes each week. I am always striving to better understand how yoga can inform my life and how my life can inform the yoga I do. I try to stay open to learning and welcome being around people from different backgrounds, as it allows me to broaden my outlook on life and to learn and grow.



What are some of your regular duties as a Human Resources Manager?

As a manager, I do a bit of everything, but my real value is in supporting my team in Human Resources. I aim to help them grow and make a difference, both within the company and outside of the company. Additionally, I provide support to managers in other departments by troubleshooting concerns with my team to ensure we are making the right decision for the company or employee and ensuring our recruitment and hiring process is fair and allows us to hire a talented and diverse group of employees.



What do you like about working in parking?

Parking is fascinating! I come from a retail background in Human Resources and see a lot of similarities to retail. I love trying to understand the business of parking and I love how the pieces function together. Walking the garage and seeing all the working parts is intriguing. I think each new hire who is not hired to work directly in a garage needs to spend time walking several locations and understanding the fundamentals of our business. Before coming to Colonial, a parking garage was just a place where I parked my car, but now that I work within parking, I have greater respect and appreciation for the parking business.



Why do you like working at Colonial Parking?

Our amazing employees and the level of freedom I have to be creative and do what needs to be done for the best interest of the business. I also love seeing our employees do well and grow.



What do you think makes you good at your job?

Being open and not tied to one way of doing things. Also, taking the time to listen to our employees, no matter what their concerns are.



What are your goals at Colonial?

To continue to find ways to challenge myself and be the best version of myself. I aim to make a difference each day.



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